Afterlife (Subatomic UK)

Project: Strategic Music Placement
Role: Creative Sync Consultants

  • Steve Miller is Afterlife, a supremely talented UK based downtempo producer, and the most played artist in Ibiza, at least at the beach bars and anywhere that’s into lush, chilled and totally saturated sounds of impeccable taste
  • Afterlife is well known for appearing on many of the classic Cafe Del Mar albums plus a whole host of other quality downtempo compilations including Cafe Mambo and Buddha Bar
  • Steve originally comes from a latin jazz/reggae/house background cutting his engineering and production techniques with the legendary Karl Pitterson, who produced Handsworth Revolution by Steel Pulse and engineered the Exodus album for Bob Marley
  • Afterlife and the Subatomic UK label have been producing and releasing quality downtempo music since the 90’s
  • Benstar Agency provides creative sync based consultancy services to Afterlife and the Subatomic UK label
  • ‘String Theory’ the new album from Afterlife is available now on Subatomic UK, from all good digital stores