Armada Music

Project: Global Licensing – Deal Broking
Role: Management, Creative Direction, A&R

  • Benstar Agency brokered a singles deal between Armada Music (Holland) and German future-house producer MD Electro
  • The new release from MD Electro entitled ‘Stranger’ is out now on Armada Deep
  • Benstar Agency was responsible for deal negotiation between Armada Music (Holland) and GFDM & MD Electro for the ‘Right On Time’ release
  • Full creative direction for the above mentioned artist releases on the Armada Deep label
  • Social media management for both artists and music releases
  • GFDM & MD Electro feat NÉONHÈART ‘Right On Time’ is available on Armada Deep
  • GFDM are exclusively managed by Benstar Agency
  • In 2014, Benstar Agency also brokered and negotiated a global, three single deal with Armada Music for Danish recording artist Sannie
  • This deal included the release of ‘How Long’ and ‘In The Morning’ on Armada Deep