Project: New Music
Role: Creative Sync, A&R

Kurtis Mantronik is universally considered to be one of the most iconic and inspirational DJ, producer, artist, writer, remixer and musicians of our time and his music is still as relevant today to a new generation, as it is to his traditional fan base

One of the most influential Hip Hop producers of the 1980s, Kurtis Mantronik returned in the mid-’90s with a solo career, fitting in well with the legion of big beat artists/producers he had inspired and spawned several hits that continued well into the noughties

In many ways, Kurtis is the sonic godfather of much of what has gone on in Hip Hop in the last few years, such as the use of 808 drum sounds to create moody music meant to transcend the genre

As the founder member and leader of ‘Mantronix’, Kurtis produced numerous Hip Hop and Electro Funk classics, including ‘Bassline, ‘Ladies’, ‘King of The Beats’, ‘Take Your Time’, ‘Simple Simon’, ‘Scream’, ‘Who Is It’, ‘Needle To The Groove’, ‘Fresh Is The Word’ and ‘Got To Have Your Love’

Mantronix underwent several genre changes from its original, heavily synthesized old school Hip Hop and Electro-Funk to House music

  • Mantronix is currently working with Benstar Agency to secure synchronization deals for his new batch of hip-hop based music
  • Mantronix is represented for worldwide sync licensing by Benstar Agency
  • Benstar Agency is also working alongside management and artist on creative a&r for this new project, which includes sourcing and brokering vocal collaboration deals
  • New music is due for release in 2019