Planet Funk

Project: Biographical Music Documentary
Role: Music Supervision, Creative Sync

Planet Funk is an Italian electronic collective

The group is composed of Marco Baroni, Domenico ‘GG’ Canu, Alex Neri and formerly Sergio Della Monica, who sadly passed away in February 2018

In addition a number of guest vocalists joined the group, including: Auli Kokko, Dan Black, Sally Doherty, Raiz, John Graham and Giuliano Sangiorgi

Alex Uhlmann also joined as lead singer in 2010, and they have recently been reunited with Dan Black for a series of new collaborations

Renowned for classic hits such as; Chase The Sun, The Switch, Who Said, Rosa Blu, Lemonade, Static, Inside All The People, Everyday, Another Sunrise and Come Alive to name just a few

  • Benstar Agency provides music supervision and sync consultancy services to Planet Funk and the film production company
  • Planet Funk are currently co-producing their own biographical documentary, showcasing their musical career and creative journey, which is provisionally titled ‘Non Zero Sumness’
  • Benstar Agency is supervising the music clearances for the film which is due soon
  • New music and live dates are scheduled from this talented Italian collective in 2019

“I’ve been a fan of Planet Funk since day one, and have been lucky enough to work with and know them for more than 20 years now and they are a supremely talented collective”
Ben Cherrill
Founder, Benstar Agency