Polydor Records

Project: Hi-Life Recordings (Polydor/Universal)
Role: A&R Manager, Artist Development

  • Ben Cherrill (Benstar) was artist & repertoire manager within this highly successful major label music imprint between 1996 and 1998
  • Responsible for multiple UK hit singles on the label with combined sales in excess of 1 million copies, including Wildchild, Kim English, Mitch Moses, DJ Angel, Lucky Monkeys (Fluke), Up Yer Ronson, Sian, Revival 3000 (Matthew Roberts), Pierre Henry, Mad Moses, Marco Polo and BBG
  • Commissioned Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim to remix the now legendary ‘Renegade Master’, which went onto sell more than 350,000 copies, and reaching the Top 3 in the UK Sales Chart
  • Also commissioned remixes on major Polydor artists including; Lighthouse Family, Cast, Monaco, Boyzone and Kele Le Roc
  • Responsible for driving music operations and strategy for all Hi-Life recording artists

“Renegade Master was a very special remix! Fairplay to Ben for commissioning me to do this during his time at Polydor Records, it was a massive hit!…RIP Roger x”
Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim