Project: Custom Trailer Music
Role: Creative Sync, A&R

Pusher is a concept from the music supervision company Hit The Ground Running in LA

They’ve signed up some of their favourite artists that they’ve met along the way and represent their choicest tracks exclusively for trailers only

Pusher is a collective of artists and composers. They place music into trailers, and do it with a distinct sound and aesthetic. Their music is handpicked and filtered for distinctive, audio-visual campaigns, and they also custom score

They let the music speak for itself: it’s hand crafted, partly programmed, chopped up, filtered, processed, bounced, plugged in, and re-filtered. It’s been stripped down, pulled apart and then gently and carefully pieced back together. It’s been recorded by artists who know the difference

  • Benstar Agency works with Pusher to create custom trailer music for the US market
  • Benstar Agency also curates original music for a range of television shows and advertising campaigns with Pusher
  • Pusher and Benstar recently secured their first placement for the artist Horizontal, in the worldwide trailer for critically acclaimed, chiller ‘It Comes At Night’ from A24 Productions