Republic of Sync

Project: US Licensing
Role: Creative Sync, Curation, Deal Broking

Republic of Sync is a boutique music sync agency run by Dave Philpot. They bring moving pictures to life with exceptional existing and especially composed music of all genres

Representing the work of clients from across the music industry including: artists, managers, publishers and record labels. Curating this content for use in trailers, video games, advertising, television and films

  • Benstar Agency worked alongside Republic of Sync as consultants, pitching music for licensing deals within TV and Film in North America
  • Benstar brokered a deal with independent sync agency Silo Music in Los Angeles
  • This artist focused deal has so far generated placements in the following TV shows:

    Shameless (Jealous of The Birds ‘Powder Junkie’)
    American Woman (Hidden Charms ‘Cannonball’)
    13 Reasons (Hidden Charms ‘Cannonball’)
    Gotham (Chungking ‘Gold’)
    Gotham (Tear ‘Never Fade Away’)